Our Service

Our Services:
1. Our services related to IP right include:

l  Registering trademarks
l  Opposition
l  Removal from register
l  Trademark Bulletin Monitoring
l  Administrative Enforcement
l  Solution on bad-faith registration and usage of trade name, domain name, web site, etc
l  Litigation
l  Anti-Counterfeit Strategies Consulting
l  Fakes Source investigation
l  Solution on patent imitation
l   Patent Enforcement
l   Litigation
l   Imitation Source Investigation
Border measures:
l   Recordation of Trademark On Customs
l   Block Fakes Import and Export
l   Litigation
Online issues
l  Apply in domain names
l   Domain name dispute
l   Infringement advertisement on line disputing
Government consulting:
l   Coordination the relation with government
l   Assist with Officials on distinguishing Fake or not
2. Business Investigation:
A.  Survey on Registration Information:
Offer enterprises information on registration, legal representatives, establishment date, business license, registered capital, credit qualification, etc.
B. Examining Security Risks of Your Affiliated Company:
Provide all-around survey on consumer safety, fire safety and security system, as well as offer assessment suggestions.
C. Proceed with Survey on Credit & Insurance Fraud:
Conduct investigation on insurance fraud, credit fraud, loan fraud and your partnersí» fraud, as well as offer evaluation advice.
D. Checking On-line:
Launch an investigation of infringements online, deter the infringements according to your requirement, as well as remove any illegal information from the network.
E. Finding Source of Infringing Products:
Through investigation, monitor related factories or network marketing where manufacture or trade products infringing on trademark, patent and copyright, etc.
F.Asset and recovery:
By Investigating, find out whereabouts of the infringersí» property.
G.Infringement of Commercial Secrets
we can offer our professional service to preserve the evidence of the infringement of commercial secrets.
H. Investigating the record of duty crime.
I. Due diligence
J. Pre-employment Investigations and other Background Checks

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